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Network Storage Solutions for the Engineering and Architecture Industries
Solutions for Backup, Storage and File Management

Network Storage Solutions for the Engineering and Architecture IndustriesBenefits of Synology DiskStations in Engineering and Architecture Environments

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Recommended Features for Engineering and Architecture

Designing, creating, and distributing extremely large files is a given in the engineering and architecture field. It is also a team environment, so moving and sharing digital blueprints, AutoCAD files, and other large documents can be challenging, especially for smaller firms. With a high-performing network attached-storage device like a Synology DiskStation with File Station, transferring files both locally and over the internet is a fast and painless process.

For the small and medium sized engineering and architecture firms, Synology DiskStations are able to perform a myriad of other tasks, quickly saving the company money and time. Such features as hosting your own website with Web Station, implementing a surveillance system with Surveillance Station, and several others in DiskStation Manager